• Corporate Purpose

      Our PURPOSE is to be the LEADER at anticipating needs and providing valued solutions for the Rubber Industry through unmatched technical expertise, operational excellence, long-term customer relationships and strategic alignment to our supplier-partners. We are committed to corporate stewardship, to our community and to our employees. We strive to provide a continuous learning environment, to foster personal growth and self-fulfillment, as we honor our long Company tradition with honesty, integrity, and humility.

      Mission Statement

      To build and maintain the BEST TEAM in the rubber industry by putting people ahead of profit.

      Core Practices

      R.D. Abbott is a results oriented company, but we always put people first. We operate for long-term partnerships, not short-term profits, and we are committed to the guiding principles of the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care program to protect our environment and community.

      Robert David AbbottCompany History

      R.D. Abbott Company, Inc. was founded in 1948 by Robert David Abbott after he retired from C.P. Hall. Mr. Abbott was a former TLARGI Chairman and he had a real passion for the local industry and TLARGI. He spent much of his time spearheading an effort by TLARGI to develop a rubber technology major at the University of Southern California. He gathered equipment donated by the local industry, established a lab on the USC campus, and completed the daunting task of developing a course curriculum. Unfortunately, Mr. Abbott died of a heart attack in 1955 before the first student had graduated. This rubber technology course was taught at the USC School of Engineering until the 1980’s when USC decided to move away from rubber. But the course has survived and exists today as the TLARGI Basic Rubber Technology Course, a condensed 20-week format which is taught at R.D. Abbott’s facility in Cerritos, CA.

      The Company was purchased by Mr. Abbott’s right-hand man, Carl Hogland in 1956.  Carl was intent on commercializing a novel new technology patented by his former schoolmate, Dr. Donald Alstadt, a product which became known as Chemlok®.  In 1958 R.D. Abbott became Lord Corporation’s first chemical distributor and after more than 60-years, Chemlok® remains one of our most critical product lines.  In 1966 Carl found a partner, Johnny Arensmeyer and they merged in Johnny’s company, Veraco Die.  Veraco patented a very innovative moving die system that can be used to extrude tire tread, which was very popular in the day of retreading passenger tires.  Although R.D. Abbott sold this company in 2010, Veraco dies are still used today by the tire industry for the rapid prototyping of new tread designs.

      Carl retired in 1979 and Johnny subsequently decided to extend ownership to his long-time employees, Bob and Eloise Baatz.  They worked extremely well together for many years and were successful in expanding their ancillary product lines.  Each was very active in TLARGI, with Johnny and Bob both serving as chairman.  In 1992 they announced their retirement and sold the company to Jerry Wicker, who was a long time C.P. Hall man, just like Mr. Abbott.  Jerry did wonders for the company with his tremendous knowledge of the industry and his indelible style.  He moved the company towards rubber polymers and laid the groundwork for our partnership with Bayer Polymers/Lanxess.  In 2001 Jerry sold the company to Keith Thomas who continued Jerry’s initiatives in product line expansion.
      Today R.D. Abbott Company has become one of the largest suppliers to the North American rubber industry, and rubber remains our primary focus.  Many suppliers dilute their efforts by supporting sales in cosmetics, plastics, adhesives and coatings…but not us.  We know rubber, that’s what we do.
      Whether it’s molding or bonding, mixing or compound development, challenge us with your next technical problem. We are here for you!
      For more information, contact us at info@rdabbott.com or 562-944-5354.