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      Our Promise

      • To provide best-in-class technical service through hands-on product knowledge and formulation assistance.

        While our customers can count on us for quick and effective fixes to their technical challenges,
        they know we’ll strive for long-term resolutions by collaborating with our suppliers and partners.


      Our Vision

      • To be constantly focused on technical innovation that enhances the utility of our products
      • To be helpful—not competitive or hard selling
      • To offer sound technical recommendations that help our customers understand the
        technology of our products and promote long-term performance and quality


      Our Services

      Formulation development:

      • Silicone rubber formulation
      • Organic rubber formulation
      • Rubber to substrate adhesion systems

      Material preparation:

      • Internal mixing (5-gallon Baker-Perkins mixer)
      • Mill mixing (12” compounding/preforming mill)
      • Mill mixing (18” compounding/performing mill)
      • Mill mixing (40” compounding/performing mill)
      • Lab Banbury mixer (#00C; 4.3 Liters)
      • Extruder straining (1-1/2” table-top continuous for filter mesh straining and ribbon head)

      Physical properties testing:

      • Curing behavior studies
      • Dynamic viscosity under shear and heat conditions
      • Rubber process simulation for processability studies
      • Hardness
      • Tensile stress/strain
      • Elongation stress/strain
      • Tear strength
      • Bond strength (lab and pull)
      • Die shrink
      • Density (< & > 1.00 Sp.G.)
      • Ageing (in air and fluids)
      • Dispersion (for squash molding)
      • Immersion (in test fluids)
      • Compression set
      • Adhesion testing (ASTM D429 method B; 90° and 45° angle)

      Chemical analysis/testing:

      • Microscopy with digital field analyses
      • Dried film thickness
      • Volatile matter weight loss
      • Total solids weight loss


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