• Dow Corning

      Dow Corning® and XIAMETER® High Consistency Rubber Bases and Compounds; Liquid Silicone Rubber; Fluoro High Consistency Rubber Bases and Compounds; Fluoro Liquid Silicone Rubber; Gums and Modifiers

      Healthcare High Consistency Rubber (Silastic® BioMedical, Dow Corning® Class VI, and Dow Corning® QP1 Grades)

      Healthcare Liquid Silicone Rubber (Silastic® BioMedical, Dow Corning® Class VI, and Dow Corning® QP1 Grades)

      Dow Corning® Moldable Optical Silicone Rubber

    • LORD Corporation

      Chemlok®, Ty-Ply®: Rubber-to-metal primers and adhesive cements/top coats

      Chemglaze®: Protective coating systems

      LORD® (Fusor, Versilok, Tyrite): Epoxy, acrylic, and urethane structural adhesives

      LORD® HPC Coatings: Room-temperature vulcanizing coatings based on HNBR, FKM and EAM, which fundamentally change the surface properties of rubber compounds and create composite rubber hybrids

    • LANXESS Corporation

      Renacit®: Peptizing agents

      Vulkacit®: Accelerators

      Vulkanox®, Vulkazon®: Antioxidants, antiozanants


    • Rhein Chemie

      Rhenogran®, Rhenoslab®, Wyfire®: Polymer-bound chemicals and additives

      Aflux®, Aktiplast®, Rhenosin®, Rhenopren®: Processing promoters

      Antilux®: Antioxidants, antiozanants

      Cohedur®: Internal bonding agents

      Emulvin®: Dispersing agent

      Perkalink®: Anti-reversion agent

      Rhenocure®, Rhenofit®, Pastes, Powder Liquid Concentrates: Standard chemicals

      Urepan®: Polyether urethane rubber (EU)

      Vulkacit®: Accelerators

      Vulkalent®: Retarders

      Vulkanol®: Synthetic plasticizers

      Vulcuren®: Crosslinkers

      Zinkoxyd Aktiv®: Fine particles of precipitated zinc oxide

    • ARLANXEO Performance Elastomers

      Baypren®: Chloroprene rubber (CR)

      Buna CB, Buna SE, and Buna VSL: Butadiene rubber

      Keltan®: Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPDM)

      Krynac® and Perbunan®: Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR)

      Levapren®: Ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber (EVA)

      Therban®: Hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (Carboxylated grades available)

      X_Butyl® (IIR), Bromobutyl (BIIR), and Chlorobutyl (CIIR): Butyl rubber

    • 3M Dyneon

      Dyneon™ Fluoropolymers (FKM)

      Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomer Copolymers: 65.9% fluorine, known for their excellent resistance to heat and aggressive chemicals, as well as outstanding processability

      Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomer Terpolymers: 65.5% to 70% fluorine, developed for improved fluid resistance

      Dyneon™ Base Resistant Elastomers (BREs): Improved resistance to basic (high pH) environments (The chemical structure of Dyneon BREs makes them resistant to attack by basic chemicals such as amines, helping to prevent seal hardening and cracking and extend seal life.)

      Dyneon™ Low Temperature Fluoroelastomers (LTFEs): Possibly the most robust fluoroelastomer currently available, offering design engineers exceptional design flexibility to solve low temperature sealing problems

      Dyneon™ Perfluoroelastomers: Used in sealing environments where other elastomer materials, including fluoroelastomers, cannot perform due to extreme thermal, chemical or purity conditions

      Dyneon™ Terfluoroelastomers

      Elastomer Additives: Auxiliary materials used to customize cure systems to meet specific requirements for polyepichlorohydrin elastomers and fluoroelastomers

    • Cancarb Ltd.

      Thermax® Carbon: Thermal blacks

    • Hallstar Corporation

      Suprmix®: Dry liquid concentrates

      Plasthall®, Paraplex®, TegMeR®: Liquid plasticizers

      Hallcote®, Quikote®: Slab-dips

      Maglite®: Rubber-grade magnesium oxide

    • Kraton Performance Polymers, Inc.

      Cariflex™ isoprene rubbers

    • TSE Industries

      MillaMed® medical grade millable polyurethane elastomers

      Millathane® millable polyurethane elastomers

      Thanecure® ZM and Thanecure® T9 reactive additives

    • Alpha Technologies

      Cure Meters: Rubber Process Analyzers (RPAs), Advanced Polymer Analyzers (APAs), Moving Die Rheometers (MDRs), and Oscillating Disk Rheometers (ODRs)

      Viscometers: Mooney Viscometers (MVs & VSMs)

      Universal Testers: T10K and Tensometer 2000


      ​Data Acquisition/Analysis Software

    • Franklynn Industries

      Crystal and DiamondKote™: Rubber-grade mold releases

    • H.W. Wallace

      Laboratory testing equipment: Densimeters and micro-hardness testers

    • Burlan Manufacturing LLC

      Polyester curing tapes

    • Glo-Mold Mold Cleaning Compounds

      Innovative mold cleaning compounds that provide exceptional performance without the need for removing compression/transfer molds or disassembly of injection presses

    • R. Murphy Knives

      Mill knives: Removable, high-hardness blades